Painting a Lion!

I have just started a new painting, a stylized painting of a lion.  I am doing it in the Art Nouveau style, using lines, pattern and design.  A fun adventure.  I think artists should always push the boundaries of their talent.  Look for this painting on my site soon!


I am often surprised when a painting actually turns out well.  I usually start out with something that looks fairly messy.  I often go through doubts as to whether the painting will end up being successful.  I go through moods, sometimes despair, sometimes hope.  Sometimes somewhere in between.  Sometimes the painting goes backwards instead of forward.  I have learned to persist.  Some people can paint something successful in a few hours or a day.  My paintings will often take about 3 days before I feel there is hope, and then several days or often weeks to finish.  They often take me places I didn’t expect to go.  And at some point I end up with a real painting!  A painting I can feel good about.  I marvel at the process and know that in the end art is a gift.

Art Nouveau

I have been greatly inspired by the Art Nouveau Movement in the early 1900’s. My favourite artist in this genre is Czechoslovakian Alphonse Mucha. His style of line and design is flowing and beautiful. I have found this style of art to be very playful and freeing.

Creation Stories

I have created this new website as my previous one was outdated.

I am no longer selling online, but intend to keep this site updated with new creations and stories about the process.  The art journey is a very interesting one, so few guidelines, so much spontaneity.  Hopefully this site will be an encouragement to other artists and an interesting place to visit.

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